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Jenny Lockyer


Please find below a list of resources for schools.

These are links to pages across this website and also to YouTube.



Year 5 to 6


Make Your Own Space Rocket

Make Your Own Parachute

Make Your Own Space Station

Three video tutorials originally commissioned by MGSO4 festival and Surrey Libraries. They each contain short documentaries with key info on rockets, the role of the parachute int he rocket's return to Earth and the International Space Staion (ISS). They can be watched at the children's own pace.



Y3 to Y6

Amy Johnson 1903-1941 was a record-breaking pilot and one of the first women in the world to qualify as a ground engineer. After a career of record making and breaking flights Amy later became a member of the WAAF. She lost her life serving her country during WW2 in 1941.


These two films feature information about Amy Johnson and can be watched at the children's own pace.

Make Your Own 'Jason' the Gipsy Moth

A how to guide on making Amy's plane, Jason. The PDF print out can be requested for a donation


Jason Flies Again!

A film showing children across the world recreating Amy's flight to Australia. Find out about Amy's flight and see somethign of other children's countries!


Key subject: SCIENCE

Y4 to Y6

Make Your Own Flying See-Saw Acrobat!

A short How to guide on making a simple acrobat using easy to find materials.


Key subject : HISTORY

Y5 to Y6

Make Your Own Circus

Explore one of the mainstays of Victorian entertainment and create your own circus. The kit can be requested for a donation HERE

Magna Carta Through Song

Y4 to Y6

A series of songs with accompanying films which explore the significance of Magna Carta from its inception in 1215 right up to today.


Key Subject: PSHE

Early Years to Y6

Gildy's Day

This is is an interactive 'choose your own adventure' style story which can be enjoyed on the white board.

A selection of follow on activities can be downloaded HERE

This was a commission for a primary school who wanted an online resource which looked at encouraging children to make good choices. It is especially of help to those who may feel anxious about change and transitions.  



Key subject: PSHE / MUSIC and song

Early Years to Y6

Relaxing music: 'Songs for Music Time' HERE

Granny Pearl- A Magical Tale of the Sea! The album of the show can be played and downloaded HERE

'Family Tree':  a song exploring our family trees and the significance of time passing, what we do with the present and our thoughts about the future.

This song can be linked with topic work on Whitehall House in Cheam or used as a resource to explore the notion of family trees and their significance.


Lyrics available HERE


Magna Carta Through Song

A series of songs which explore the significance of Magna Carta from its inception in 1215 right up to today.


Early years to Y6

I've put together some activity sheets below for Early years and KS1 children to accompany my YouTube series, 'Granny Pearl'. The Granny Pearl episode playlist is available on my Youtube channel HERE

Art activity sheets HERE


The episodes are inspired by the live theatre show. This can be booked to  visit special or mainstream schools and studio theatres.

Click HERE to find out more.

If you watch the episodes in school or use these activity sheets please consider doing one or all of the following:

  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel

  • Share the Granny Pearl series with friends and family

  • Tell other schools about the series                                                   

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