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I offer a range of heritage, engineering and arts inspired sessions full of creative activity to special and mainstream schools across the UK.  My workshops are flexible and tie in with English, Scottish and Welsh national curriculums.  (Download  Welsh Curriculum workshop info HERE)


Scroll down for a selection of workshops available linking with various subjects. Sessions can be adapted for different numbers of children and settings. I can also create bespoke experiences for you.

Click HERE for a variety of original school resources


I celebrate children as thinkers and do-ers. All my sessions across Foundation, KS1 and KS2 encourage creativity and children's natural capacity to explore, problem-solve, engineer and create things. Sessions give all children the opportunity to be included.


I've been working with children and young people for over 20 years through my work as a theatre practitioner, play leader and creative session facilitator in all sorts of venues including special and mainstream primary and secondary schools, children's centres and nurseries, museums, play schemes and libraries.

Key themes covered:








Please message me with any questions or booking queries.


I have sessions for primary schools specialising in the record breaking pilot,  Amy Johnson. Click HERE for more info on this as well as links to resources and useful websites inspired by this amazing aviator.  

I can visit secondary schools with more advanced versions of the workshops below or with a performance of Amy Johnson: Last Flight Out, suitable for 14 years and up.


Amy Johnson:

Last Flight Out


Suitable for: KS3 and above



A performance suitable for audiences 12yrs+.

This original one woman show is approximately 1hr ten minutes long and can be accompanied by a Q & A about the development of the show, or Amy's life in context with the heyday of Croydon Airport or the Amy Johnson project based in Herne Bay.

Find out more about the performance 'Last Flight Out' HERE

Relevant events:

  • International Women's Day

National Curriculum links:

  • Significant people

  • Women in STEM

  • Women at War

  • Women in Engineering

Opportunities for reflective writing, analytical thinking and questioning, especially with the Q&A .

Option for workshops in characterisation and movement with the show's director, Vern Griffiths. Details available upon request.

Requirements: Access to an equipped drama studio or school hall



Magna Carta Through Song

Suitable for KS1, KS2, KS3


These sessions are inspired by a song writing commission I undertook for Egham Museum, Staines in 2014 celebrating the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. These songs are available here as a classroom  learning resource.

In these lively sessions children will learn about the people and age of Magna Carta featuring live music and the creation of royal portraits inspired by Illuminated Art and tapestry.

Relevant events:

Human Rights Day: 10th December

National Curriculum links:

  • Significant events

  • Significant locations i.e Runnymede

  • Historical art

Application of art, fact finding, literacy.

Requirements: Access to school hall for the day



Suitable for Early Years, KS1

Weekly workshops bookable in blocks of six or eight.  I've designed these sessions to support those children who need it to develop confidence and social skills. 


Sessions are an hour and half long and can take place across a whole day offering two sessions or amorning or afternoon.  The school will select up to 7 children they feel are in immediate need of extra creative support to take part.

I can run the sessions in a library or spare classroom.

We start with a warm up. Children enjoy a making activity and then a storytelling activity where we include the things we have made. Sessions usually run to a theme and can complement the topics being studied.  Each session finishes with a cool down before the children return to class.

National Curriculum links:

  • Creative arts

  • literacy

  • any topic work

  • PSHE

  • making memories


  • Access to a library or classroom space.

  • Tables for the children to work at and room to move around with tables pushed back. I am happy to set the room up myself.


Suitable for KS1, KS2

I introduce Amy Johnson and her amazing adventures in aviation which included her beloved plane, Jason.. Children can find out about the challenges Amy faced as she planned and then undertook her incredible solo flight to Australia 90 years ago in 1930.

This experience is available as a one or two day event.

Relevant dates:

  • 5th May, anniversary of Amy taking off on her pioneering solo flight to Australia.

  • 24th May, anniversary of Amy's arrival in Darwin

  • International Women's Day (8th March 2023)

  • 1st July 1903, Amy's birthday

  • 5th January 1941, Amy's death

National Curriculum links:

  • Significant People

  • Transport

  • Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

  • Women in Engineering

Application of DT, art, numeracy, literacy, team work, decision making, fact finding, drama and role play.


Access to classrooms for a day, use of school hall.



Granny Pearl- A Magical Tale of the Sea!

Suitable for Early Years, KS1

Workshops inspired by the show which can be enjoyed with the performance or which stand alone.

Children create puppets and interact with music to bring them to life.

National Curriculum links:

  • Science / Biology exploring marine life and coastal environments

  • Weather

  • PSHE Family relationships

  • making memories

Where possible these workshops are an excellent opportunity for young children to participate with grandparents or other invited older people.

Requirements: Access to a large classroom or school hall for the day.

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A one day visit, approximate prices

South Wales £450-500 a day

Rest of Wales and South of England £450-550 a day.


Prices vary depending on number of facilitators, children, mixture of activities and distance from CF37.

Schools receive an overall discount if  sessions are booked together with a neighbouring school.

Please contact me for more details on workshops and an accurate quote for 2022 and the new year.

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