Jenny Lockyer

I've been working with children and young people for over 20 years through my work as a theatre practitioner, play leader and creative session facilitator in all sorts of venues including special and mainstream primary and secondary schools, children's centres and nurseries, museums, play schemes and libraries.

I celebrate children as thinkers and do-ers. All my sessions encourage creativity and children's natural capacity to problem solve, engineer and create things.

In schools I offer a range of heritage, engineering and arts inspired sessions full of creative activity.

Performances are full of sensory experiences and invite audience participation.

Each slide show will take you to a web page with further information.

Please CONTACT me if you have any questions or would like to find out more.

Granny Pearl. She is a mermaid!

A brand new web series for young children, Granny Pearl is full of music, puppetry, stories, making things and a very special mermaid!

.See what 5yr old Bo has to say about the series in the review below!

You can watch all episodes HERE

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