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Jenny Lockyer

Children can get crafty with these great original kits! The kits are designed to get children constructing, to inspire play and storytelling and are great to display too.


Craft kits are available to order as a PDF to print off. You will receive an email with the pdf on or after the day payment has been received.

To place an order please contact me.

  • Please state which craft kit(s) you would like to order and how many.

  • Please provide an email address

  • I will email you with a payment request

  • You make your purchase through Paypal or pay via bacs. (details will be provided)


Please note the pdf fee is a fee per activity likely to be made off the back of your order.



Make your own 'Jason' the Gipsy Moth Aeroplane!

Jason is the plane that was flown by famous aviator Amy Johnson on her epic solo flight from England to Australia in 1930!   The accompanying tutorial shows you how to construct your own Jason as well as telling you a little bit about Amy and Jason and the adventures they had together. I've designed this children's kit inspired by Geoffrey de Havilland's original Gipsy Moth design. 

Find out about Jason Flies Again!

To order the craft kit for this very special machine please get in touch .

Kits are £5 for each plane likely to be made off the back of your order.   (+ one off 50p admin if by Paypal)  

​Suitable for children aged 8yrs and up or possibly younger. Some adult supervision is recommended.



Materials needed:

-Your plane kit printed or mounted onto card


-Glue, (a glue stick is good, PVA will be helpful + a paperclip)

-Sticky tape, double sided tape is good too -


-Ball point pen

-3 or 4 sheets of white paper

-Black card or black felt tip


-Colouring equipment

-Drinking straw

Kit design © Jenny Lockyer 2020

Make your own 'Samos Circus'!

Welcome to Samos Circus! Children can make this mini-circus and tell all sorts of circusy stories full of clowning, feats of strength, dangerous balancing acts and even fire eating!


Children can follow the tutorial to help them construct their circus. Order your kit for £5 from me. Kits are £5 for each circus likely to be made off the back of your order (+ one off 50p admin if by Paypal) The kit will be emailed to you as a PDF to print off onto card *


Suitable for children aged 8yrs and up. Younger children can make the circus with close adult supervision.



The circus tent will stand at 21cm high x 27cm across. You can glue it together to stand up permanently or opt to make it fold down for easy storage. Follow instructions in this tutorial.


*If you don't have white card you can print off onto paper and then mount onto cereal box card or similar. 'The Works' sells 30 sheets of white card for just £1! You can order online from The Works here .



Materials needed:

-Your kit. Print off the tent wall (Page 3) twice.

-Colouring equipment



-Sticky tape

-Extra card if you want to make more characters

-String or thread


-Drinking Straws

-Fairy lights as a sparkly extra.

-Any extra collage things to decorate your tent and characters.


Circus Design © Jenny Lockyer, 2020



Three films commissioned by Epsom and Ewell Arts Festival are inspired by the theme of Journeys.  Children can use the films as a tutorial at their own pace.


In these films I make a rocket with working parachute and construct a version of the International Space Station! 


"Creative Engineering in Action" these tutorials inspire creativity and invention.

Activites can be simplified or made more elaborate, it's up to you!

Episode One: Rocket


Rocket Design © Jenny Lockyer, June 2020


Episode Two: Space Capsule and Parachute


Capsule design © Jenny Lockyer, June 2020


Episode Three: Space Station!


Space Station design © Jenny Lockyer, June 2020


I designed this See Saw Acrobat activity for A Line Art as part of their Broom Cupboard series. The acrobat template is available to download from A Line Art HERE

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