2020 is the 90th Anniversary of Amy Johnson's Solo Flight to Australia!



         On the morning of 5th May 1930, a small green Gipsy Moth aeroplane took off from Croydon Airport on what was to be a record breaking and thrilling solo flight to Australia. This flight captured the imagination of the world and made an international superstar of its pilot, Amy Johnson.


I've put together these workshops and some online fun to celebrate the 90th anniversary this year of this extraordinary flight!





This is an online adventure inviting children across the world to build a model of Amy's plane Jason and recreate the flight from England to Australia. Lots of details on the project and how to take part HERE.

 'Make Your Own Jason the Gipsy Moth'.  

Create your very own model of Jason, the wonderful plane that carried Amy all the way to Australia.

The kit can be ordered from me as a pdf.  Kits are £5 for every plane likely to be made off the back of your order plus a 50p admin charge if paying by PayPal.

Please contact me to order your pack.  All you need to do is print it out and follow the instructions in the tutorial. 


Kits are suitable for children aged 8yrs and up or for younger children with help from an adult. Some adult supervision required.

It's a great project for children to work on with parents and carers for fun and especially as a home learning activity. 



Original workshop Introducing Amy for children in Key stages 1 and 2. I'll be taking bookings this autumn due to lockdown.

Introducing Amy

Hosted by Jason the Gipsy Moth aeroplane, this workshop experience for  children in Ks1 and 2 introduces the pioneering pilot, Amy Johnson, and her amazing adventures in aviation. Children can find out about the challenges Amy faced as she planned and then undertook her incredible solo flight to Australia 90 years ago this May.
         With Amy Johnson as our inspiration and significant person, children will explore the wonders of modern flight, stories of endurance and technological advancement in aviation and how a love of flying inspired this young woman to fly solo half way around the world.

Request your workshop pack here.



Amy Johnson: Last Flight Out

Written and performed by Jenny Lockyer

Directed by Vern Griffiths

A one woman show inspired by the life and legacy of Amy Johnson.



Some brilliant online resources:


A fascinating website which celebrates Amy's legacy. Amy Johnson and aviation enthusiast Jane Priston worked to raise funds to commission a bronze statue of Amy for the front at Herne Bay in Kent where Amy lost her life in 1941. As well as the beautiful statue which is now a focal point of the town, Jane is working to locate the wreckage of Amy's plane. Her work has raised awareness across the country of Amy's story. 


An organisation set up to celebrate Amy's life and legacy in her home town. 


This beautiful Grade 2 listed Art Deco building is the home of modern aviation.  As well as Amy Johnson taking off on her flight to Australia from here, this airport has seen many record breaking flights and aviation firsts.  There are visitor days and tours led by knowledgeable volunteers every first Sunday of the month.  Go!


The Women's Engineering Society support and inspire women to achieve as engineers, scientists and leaders. Amy was president of the Women's Engineering Society from 1935-1937. WES holds many of Amy's letters in their archive and have a whole suite dedicated to her at the Institute of Engineering and Technology on the banks of the River Thames.


The Science Museum is home to Amy's plane, Jason. He lives in their flight gallery and you are welcome to visit him there.

All workshop designs  © Jenny Lockyer 2019.

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