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In May 1930, a young woman called Amy Johnson made an incredible solo flight from England to Australia.

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of that amazing flight, children across the world have been busy making models of Amy Johnson's plane, Jason.

This film sees Jason fly once more all the way from Croydon to Darwin!

Watch the film and see

how he gets on....



Make your own model of Jason the Gipsy Moth aeroplane, send in footage of you flying your plane and be part of recreating Amy Johnson's amazing flight to Australia!



I am looking for children to make Jason in these places. Places highlighted in green have already been covered but submissions are still welcome:






Bandar Abbas












If you want to take part this is what you need to do:



1: Please contact me to request your kit.

I will email you a kit as a PDF for you to print out.

If you don't have a printer you could make a Jason of your own design or even draw a picture.


The Jason kit is normally £5.80. However, I don't want a fee to be a barrier to joining in with 'Jason Flies Again!'.  For the purpose of this project this has become a suggested donation. You can  make a donation through my Paypal. 

2: Follow the tutorial which gives you instructions on how to make Jason.     

3: Take a photograph of you and your plane.


4: If possible, please make a short film lasting no longer than 2 minutes of you with your plane.

5: Send your photos and films to me. I will let you know which email address when you get in touch to request your plane kit.


Only send me photos and films you are happy for me to share on this website and social media.

Film makers please read this!


Please film in landscape setting.


These are the shots to include in your film:

1: A continuous shot of Jason flying in from your right and out on your left.

2: Jason coming in from your right and landing.

If you live in Rangoon you will need to make a crash landing!

3: Amy wanted to be a pilot to show people how flying could help people learn about each other even if they lived far apart.

 If you're happy to do some talking in your film think of something you would love Amy and Jason to see in your home town. 

What do you want people to know about where you live?

Can you pretend to be Amy or Jason as you fly the plane and see the sights?  To help you work out what to say, think about where you live and things you really like about it.

4: Jason taking off and flying out to your left.

With everybody's shots together this will make it look like Jason is flying from place to place. It will also help me a lot when I come to edit the film!



Have fun with it! Please remember to film in landscape  and include flying Jason in from your right and taking off to your left. 


Films should be no longer than 2 minutes.


Please share this page with anyone you think would like to take part.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Jenny :-D

I would love for this model of Jason to be made by children living in or from places along Amy and Jason's route between England and Australia.....


90 years ago in May, 1930, a young pilot called Amy Johnson became the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia.

Her flight was an exciting, scary, dangerous and amazing journey. Amy flew her Gipsy Moth aeroplane, Jason, all the way to Australia and they looked after each other on the way.

Amy saw to it that Jason's fuel was topped up, that his engine was working properly and that he was looked over every evening. In return, Jason carried Amy thousands of miles;  through the freezing cold, the sweltering heat and even sheltered her during a frightening dust storm. 

Together they flew over jagged mountains and across shark infested seas! They even crashed landed during a monsoon but they lived to fly again and to see three arched rainbows over the Java Sea hailing their approach to Australia.

Amy had taken off as an unknown pilot but after nineteen and a half days of flying she and Jason landed in Darwin to a hero's welcome!

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