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Your help is required to fly Jason across the world!        


Web page for any children who want to get involved

I've designed a Make Your Own Jason the Gipsy Moth kit inspired by the 90th Anniversary of Amy Johnson's epic solo flight from England to Australia and I've had an idea!


I'd love for my Jason the Gipsy Moth model to be made by children living in places Amy stopped at on her way to Australia. In my head I can see a map of Amy's route with images of a child at each stop holding up the Jason they've made. This thought makes me very happy and I'm wondering if I can make it a reality. I cannot fly like Amy, but my Jason model can, even if it's by email!

Can you help me reach children and families in any of the following places? Do you know anyone or can you put me in touch with people working with children in these areas? Charities or a personal connection?

Amy's Journey in 1930 and dates she stopped there:


Amy took off from Croydon, England on 5th May. I have contacts here. :-D

Vienna 5th May

Constantinople / Istanbul 6th May

Aleppo 7th May

Baghdad 8th May

Bandar Abbas 9th may

Karachi 10th May

Jhansi 11th May

Calcutta 12th May

Rangoon 13th, 14th and 15th May

Bangkok 16th May

Singaru 17th May

Singapore 18th May

Tjamal 19th May

Surabaya 20th and 21st May

Atambua 22nd and 23rd May

Darwin 24th May


This is an online adventure for children and their families to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Amy's flight but also Amy's amazing legacy. I'd like the children to photograph or film themselves with their model plane and then send it to me. I have already collated footage and images sent so far into a film you can see on the Jason Flies Again page but the project is ongoing. I'd love to reach more children!

I know that some of these places are affected by conflict let alone the lock-down. It's more important than ever to keep in touch with one another. I want to share Amy's love of flying and her vision of aviation bringing people together and finding out about each other, no matter how far apart.




After taking off from Croydon Airport, England on 5th May 1930 Amy stopped at sixteen places. I only need to reach a minimum of 16 children across eleven thousand miles or so to make this happen. The odds are in our favour!



I normally charge £5.00 via Paypal per plane likely to be made plus a single 80p admin fee.  For Jason Flies Againt his has become asuggested donation. You can make a donation through my  Paypal.


The tutorial features how to make the model and information on Amy and her beloved plane, Jason. There is also a short film included in the tutorial showing Amy and Jason together on their way to Australia.

My main aim is to reach the children and have them enjoy making the plane, finding out about Amy's story and being inspired.



Please contact me if you can help!

This is the participant's page for anyone interested in taking part.


Thank you!



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