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     "Jenny and I first met when she came to Herne Bay in early 2017 to see the seafront bronze statue of Amy Johnson which was commissioned as part of my work with the Amy Johnson Project. We immediately connected on a shared fascination with Amy’s life and achievements and a passion to keep her memory alive by building on her legacy to inspire a whole new generation. At the time Jenny was working on writing her one woman show, 'Amy Johnson : Last Flight Out’.


     I have attended three of the performances of Jenny’s show and was delighted to join her for an audience Q&A on a couple of these occasions. Having spent the last 13 years researching Amy Johnson, the show moved me to tears. Jenny’s insight and understanding of Amy, along with her factual accuracy is impressive. The show navigates Amy’s adventures and life, including her untimely death, with beauty, humour and depth. It is remarkable and very powerful.


     Jenny and I share a belief that Amy simply was not finished when she lost her life. She had more to share and do. Her passion for aviation, engineering and adventure drove her to push boundaries, break convention and follow her own path, defying convention. She did this with tenacious energy, determination, resilience and incredible self belief. Amy achieved what she did because she believed she could and had the courage to try, often overcoming doubt, fear, desperation and loneliness.


     I am thrilled to see Jenny continue her work in reaching a wide a varied audience to share Amy Johnson’s story and promote aviation and engineering. Jenny’s shows and workshops are wonderfully creative and engaging and I am so impressed with her continued passion, energy, drive and resilience, overcoming many challenges along the way I’m sure. Very much in the spirit of Amy, I must say!


     I hope to work more with Jenny soon and wish her all the success she deserves for her endless energy and passion. As Amy once said, “The answer of Progress to it can’t be done is hold tight and watch”….looking forward to seeing what Jenny does next!"

​-​Jane Priston,  founder and director of the Amy Johnson Project

"Jenny Lockyer's proposal for funding to support the 'Flying High' initiative is exciting, engaging and wholly worthwhile as a project to empower audiences in using the concept of engineering to promote mental health.... The show posited engineering as an aspirational tool for promoting one's own mental health which was a new concept to me but one that is immediately universal and transferrable to many audiences"

-Marie Tulley Rose, Manager, Kenley Revival Project

"I would recommend this show to anybody and everybody who has the opportunity to see or commission its performance. It is a celebration of the amazing achievement of Amy Johnson, but also an inspiration to anybody who has ever had a dream.”

-Dawn Bonfield, Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor of Inclusive Engineering

"Your sessions are such fun and so creative and give us time to share some beautiful moments with our daughters and friends"

- Bea Giusti, parent

"Please find attached a video and photos of Sofia Sim's Jason Flies Again Project. Sofia, my daughter, is 6 years old.

Sofia has made the model of Jason, Amy Johnson’s plane, with her Dad. We would love it for you to include her in the video that you are putting together for this very exciting project.  


Sofia had fun making Jason the plane and finding out about Amy's story. She was very impressed with this deed and as she regards herself as an engineer, like her Dad, she loved working with him on making Jason, thanks to your kit and video tutorial. What an amazing job you have done with this....Thank you for the hours of fun and learning you have provided.


As soon as everything is over and feels safe to travel again to London and museums reopen we will be planning to go to the Science Museum "to visit" Jason in person. Sofia used to love going to the Science Museum and now has another exciting reason to return one day. 


Sofia loved participating in your wonderful project and we enjoyed browsing your website and seeing what a gifted and talented lady you are. We loved learning more about your projects and work. Sofia said, "Mum, I want to be an artist like Jenny when I grow up!"

​-Maria Boned, parent

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