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WELCOME to Granny Pearl's web page!

Here you can watch all four episodes of 'Granny Pearl' and download templates for art activities!

Find out about the live theatre show HERE

Thank you to St Martin's CofE Voluntary Aided Schools in Epsom and to Croydonites Festival of New Theatre for the funding which made these web shows possible. All episodes and resources are free to watch and download, however please consider making a donation as every little bit really helps.


Please visit the SCHOOLS PAGE to access free Granny Pearl activity packs for Early Years and KS1 children.



These episodes are meant to be seen by as many children as possible. Please share with friends and family and anyone you think may benefit from seeing them.




All the art activities in the series can be done without the templates but if you need them you can copy and paste these images and print them out. Donations welcome HERE.

Send photos of your artwork to me at and I'll display them in the Galley Gallery!

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Where is 'Granny Pearl' set?

Granny Pearl is set on an island somewhere off the coast of Britain. It is windswept, craggy, with lovely sandy and pebbly beaches, lots of rockpools, tall cliffs and a lighthouse. It is a place full of wildlife and magic!

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Did you know?


These Granny Pearl episodes are inspired by Jenny's theatre show 'Granny Pearl, A Magical Tale of the Sea!"


 This is a gentle, immersive theatre show for younger children and their families.  For full show information CLICK HERE


"Beau and I loved the show- thank you so much. We've not stopped singing Granny Pearl and what I can remember of the Giant Squid Song...'begins with Um and ends in Ella!'.. can't wait for the next show!"

-Laura Woodhams, parent

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Granny Pearl loves to talk!

If you are lucky enough to have grandparents, it could be a lovely thing to talk with them and ask them questions about their life. In fact, ask any older person and they will have a lot to talk about.

Be careful not to corner an older person in Morrisons and ask them why they have own brand beans in their shopping trolley as they may mistake you for someone doing a survey and it might end with them expecting a coupon, but if you are able to talk with an older person you know or borrow one from someone else it could be interesting.

You can ask them what their memories of childhood are, what it was like growing up and going to school, or like Granny Pearl, maybe they know some really good stories.....

Granny Pearl is 103 years old! She is a mermaid but also, she has been in the world for over a century! People that old, even people who are 60, 70, 80 or 90 may have memories of things you may have never even heard of! And you are experiencing things now that they were never able to experience at your age. There's a lot you could talk about with each other.

With social distancing it may be difficult for you to see them in person but perhaps you could give them a ring and ask them questions over the phone.

Our older generation has seen a lot, knows a lot and will almost certainly love to tell you about it.  Make sure you've made time in your calendar for the chat and if you think your older person will likely have a lot to say, perhaps dedicate a whole day to it if you're visiting.

Ask questions, take photos and give each other time. Who knows what special things you'll discover about each other!

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