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Granny Pearl - A Magical Tale of the Sea is a theatre performance for very young children.


I have been spending the past few weeks creating four web episodes inspired by the Granny Pearl production for children to enjoy at home.  You can follow my Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates on when these will be released!

These episodes have been kindly supported by Croydonites Festival of New Theatre and St Martin's School in Epsom, Surrey.

They will feature puppetry and  storytelling through song as well as making things and the opportunity for children to send in photos of the things they've created!

I will be displaying children's work right here in Granny Pearl's Gallery, to be added soon!

About the show!


Spending time with Granny Pearl is always magical with her tales of the sea and we're off to visit her down by the seaside. There’s always been something fishy about her and on a special boat trip around the island with the family, we’ll hear the story of this special granny with a secret…

Inspired by Jenny's song 'Granny Pearl', this show is for

anyone who loves the sea, stories and surprises!

Suitable for different age groups this performance

mixes storytelling, puppetry, song and live music to tell

the story of Granny Pearl.

This show is approximately 45minutes long with no interval.

Seating is not allocated. Chairs are in a large semi-circle with the option to sit on the floor with your child. Please bring a cushion if you would like to.

"Beau and I loved the show- thank you so much. We've not stopped singing Granny Pearl and what I can remember of the Giant Squid Song...'begins with Um and ends in Ella!'.. can't wait for the next show!"

-Laura Woodhams, parent

This show can be booked to visit theatres,

arts centres and schools.

It works best in a space that can be made dark so we can work with our lights. If possible, we will work with an existing lighting rig.

The show can be enjoyed by all ages but is especially suitable for children aged 0-6yrs.


The show is 45mins long.

Suggested structure:

In a theatre we'd aim for a maximum of 30 people in a studio space.

In a mainstream school, the show can be performed up to five times in a day with up to 30 children in a school hall/ drama studio.

In a special school we can perform up to five shows with a maximum of 15 children per performance.


example times:









The show gently explores family relationships and the wonderful things we can find out about each other. Set on a boat trip around an island somewhere off the coast of Britain, the show makes time to explore the wildlife and experiences of the coast with music and activities which evoke the weather, environment and feelings of being in and near the sea.

The show invites participation but can also be enjoyed as a piece of visual storytelling.


Children are guided through the show by the performer but some children may benefit from extra adult support during the performance so that they can enjoy the experience as fully as possible.

Prices (based within 20 miles of South London):

One - two performances £500

Three performances £550

Four performances £600

Five performances £650

Workshop days at £230 a day

In a workshop, children can make their own boats/ sea creatures and have a chance to perform some of the songs with the things they have made.

Up to three one hour workshops in a day or four 45mins workshops. This can be discussed.

These workshops days would work equally well prior to or after the day of performances. They can take place in a classroom or other learning space.

Our requirements for a school visit:

Parking space

Access to power

A space that can be made dark

Our show requires one hour to set up, please add 30mins if we are working with your lighting rig.

One hour get-out time

Our requirements for a theatre visit

Parking space


Two hour get in including tech run

One hour get out time

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