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Music is a large part of my performance work, especially children's performances, and also plays a big part in my comedy.

I write lots of funny songs and you can here some of these HERE on my Bandcamp page.  Find out more about my comedy HERE.

Lots of my songs centre around a character and some kind of story. Some of my songs have come about from commissions, most have come about from just wanting to write and having an idea.... I usually have the tune first though sometimes lyrics that have been knocking about for a while will finally be given a tune.


Relaxing music suitable for younger audiences: 'Songs for Music Time' HERE

Granny Pearl- A Magical Tale of the Sea! The album of my children's show can be played and downloaded HERE

​'Family Tree':  a song exploring our family trees and the significance of time passing, what we do with the present and our thoughts about the future. You can listen and download  HERE


Magna Carta Through Song

A series of songs commissioned by Egham Museum to mark he 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta in 1215

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