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Gildy's Evening

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This is Gildy.

Gildy is 7 years old. He lives in Epsom which is a town in Surrey near London and goes to St Martin's Cof E Voluntary Aided School. Gildy is in the same situation as lots of other children all over the country at the moment.  He is having to attend online lessons and some days Gildy finds it very difficult to feel motivated and focused.



Gildy finds numeracy a challenge and doesn't always like asking for help to solve problems. However, Gildy can be clever, Gildy is kind, he loves to play outside and be part of stories, and likes his friends and family to be happy.

Gildy's family are all trying to get on with each other in this strange situation of lockdown. Gildy's dad is working from home and his mum is a key worker at Epsom Hospital. She is out every day and very tired when she's home. Gildy has a younger brother, Tully who loves to play games.

Gildy's Evening​


Gildy has had a very busy day! He's had to make quite a few decisions about different things. His morning was full of numeracy and snow, and this afternoon he was distracted by some chocolate biscuits!

To help Gildy have a good evening we will be helping him make some good choices. 

To start Gildy's Evening, play the video below!

Watch and listen carefully. Can you see anybody helping others and being kind?


How do you think Gildy's mum

is feeling when she gets home?


Can you draw a picture of someone in the film who was helping other people?

Watch the film again if you need to. Can you see someone doing something that isn't very helpful? 



Let's see what happens next in Gildy's Evening....

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What will Gildy do next?



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early years etc choice 1b.jpg

We're going to see how each choice turns out for Gildy. First, let's see what happens when Gildy asks his mum for a piggy back.  What do you think she will say? Click on Slideshow A to find out.

Read through the story and see if you can help Gildy make another choice.

Now let's see what happens when Gildy tidies up the living room....

CLICK on slideshow B.

Read through the story and see if you can help Gildy make another choice.

What were the kind and helpful things that Gildy did?

You can come back to this web page at any time to make choices and read these stories again.


Play the slideshow below to hear something special!

How did Gildy get on?


Which of the St Martin's School values did the different choices include?

It may be a couple or all of them. What do you think?


You can go back and explore different choices if you like or to help Gildy with the rest of his day you can click one of the options below.

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