Jenny Lockyer

Many of my sessions for SCHOOLS explore cultural heritage. Exploring heritage can be done in a range of ways and these sessions involve art, music, role-play, research and making things.

Key Heritage projects I have worked on include:

Jason Flies Again

An international project celebrating the 90th anniversary of Amy Johnson's solo flight to Australia. the project invites children across the world to create a model of Jason the Gipsy Moth aeroplane and film themselves 'flying' their plane. Footage is being used in a film to recreate Amy Johnson's flight from Croydon to Darwin in 1930. To find out more click the image of Amy below:

amy cheering.jpg

Kenley Revival Project

The creation of  my one-woman show, 'Amy Johnson : Last Flight Out' led me to designing subsequent workshops for Kenley Revival Project. Kenley is home to the last surviving intact airfield, Kenley Aerodrome.

Workshops took place with Year 2 and Year 3 children in libraries across Caterham and Kenley exploring the role of women in the ATA during WW2. These workshops featured research and fact finding in the library and an interactive group roleplay session involving a small squadron of cardboard Spitfires!

Kenley Memories - by Lillias Barr

I recorded and edited a set of memoirs written by Lillias Barr, a WAAF at Kenley Aerodrome during the Battle of Britain.

These can be heard by clicking the image of Lillias Barr below:


Magna Carta Through Song

I was commissioned by Egham Museum near Runnymede to write and record four songs exploring the legacy of Magna Carta. These songs and films exist as a learning resource for KS2 children.

I am able to perform the songs live and run associated 'illuminated art' workshops.

Song 1: From Runnymede

This song takes you on a journey from Runnymede in 1215 through to modern day, stopping off at key moments in the struggle for liberty and equality. An excellent way for pupils to explore the history of liberty and the legacy of Magna Carta.



Song 2: America

 This song explores the relationship between Magna Carta, Runnymede, liberty and America. It touches upon how Magna Carta both inspired the creation and then justified the expansion of America, the complex relationship between the American ideal of liberty and its practice and the modern American interest in Runnymede as a site of secular pilgrimage, highlighted in the American visit to Runnymede in 1944 and the 1957 American funded Magna Carta memorial.

Song 3: Birds

The human stories behind the clauses of Magna Carta is the theme of Jenny’s second song. How many Magna Carta clauses can you spot in the lyrics?

Song 4: My Father

This song looks at the reign of King John and the road to Runnymede and Magna Carta through the eyes of John’s son, the future Henry III. Illustrations courtesy of Louella, aged nine.