Amy Johnson : Last Flight Out


Written and performed by Jenny Lockyer

Directed by Vern Griffiths

Amy Johnson had her ambitions and she flew at them. Born in the year the Wright Brothers made their first flight and into an age where the romantic heights of flying captured her heart she became only the second woman in the world to train and qualify as a ground engineer and then, in 1930, the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia. She lived her life for adventure and the future of aviation.

In January 1941, at just 37 years old, Amy was killed while serving her country on a routine flight for the Air Transport Auxiliary. In her short time she achieved so many great things but this 'lone girl flier' achieved them while faced with challenges of all kinds. We meet Amy in a world of mixed memories, desires, wishes and ambitions and as we find out about her life we can start to see how the pieces fit and the tools Amy used to bring her dreams to reality.



Initially funded by Croydonites Festival of New Theatre

the show premiered in Croydon during 2017 at the festival to sold out audiences in the beautiful Spreadeagle Pub Theatre.




Suitable for ages 12+ the show is available to book for studio venues including festivals,  secondary schools and colleges.

For further info including prices and technical specifications please get in touch.

The show can be booked with an after show talk or accompanying workshops.

The show has toured museums, arts centres and theatres across London and the South East.  More performances are being arranged for 2019 and 2020.


For young people aged 12+, workshops with the director, Vern Griffiths in characterisation and movement.

For primary and special schools, museums and galleries the following workshops are led by Jenny Lockyer as 'Jason' the Gipsy Moth aeroplane: 

​-Amy and the ATA  

An interactive session inspired by Amy's time in the ATA. We explore the work of women during WW2 in the Air Transport Auxiliary and find out about other female pilots who formed this vital part of Britain's air defence. The session is full of fact finding, miniature plane construction and team work.

This workshop can be teamed up with a Battle of Britain day to give a wider picture of whow the different strands of defence worked together in this pivotal battle of 1940. See the Schools page for details.

-Introducing Amy- With 'Jason' the Gipsy Moth

Hosted by Jason the Gipsy Moth aeroplane, the day introduces Amy Johnson and her amazing adventures in aviation. Children can find out about the challenges Amy faced as she planned and then undertook her incredible solo flight to Australia.

This sessions is available as a one, two or four day event. With a longer event more is included about the history of modern aviation and Amy's place within it.


Photo credits:

Moon and Stars by By Sean Valdez - Imported from 500px (archived version) by the Archive Team. (detail page), CC BY 3.0,

Amy Johnson : Last Flight Out poster design by Gavin Kinch of  The Town That Love Built

Image of Jenny Lockyer in Amy Johnson : Last Flight Out by Lisa Singh


“I would recommend this show to anybody and everybody who has the opportunity to see or commission its performance. It is a celebration of the amazing achievement of Amy Johnson, but also an inspiration to anybody who has ever had a dream.”

-Dawn Bonfield, Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor of Inclusive Engineering

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